Why the F-35B Could Truly Be a Game-Changer

According to the most recent Marine Corps Aviation Plan, the service plans to buy 420 F-35s: 353 F-35Bs and 67 F35Cs. That would have supported nine squadrons of 16 F-35Bs each, five squadrons with 10 F-35Bs each, four squadrons with 10 F-35C carrier-variant jets, two reserve squadrons with 10 F-35Bs, and two fleet readiness squadrons with 25 F-35Bs each.

“For us, the F-35B, the ability to operate from austere airfields and ships, both incredible. In fact, in war games, one of the handful of capabilities that really causes an adversary problems, because it is so flexible, its’ employable ashore or from ship,” General DAVID H. BERGER, Commandant of the Marine Corps.

“Game-changer is sort of an overused phrase, but I am a huge advocate of the F-35 and its capabilities.”

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Source: US Military News

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