”Why did Trump not stop the riot?’: Raskin urges Senate to convict

House impeachment managers concluded their case against Donald Trump, urging the Senate over two days to convict the former President for inciting the insurrectionists that attacked the US Capitol, arguing Trump was responsible for the deadly January 6 riot, failed to stop the attackers and showed no remorse afterward.
The managers used their final day of arguments in the Senate impeachment trial to show how the insurrectionists who carried out the attack on the Capitol last month said they did it at Trump’s direction. The managers focused on Trump’s history of celebrating violence among his supporters leading up to the attack, and his claims that his conduct was "totally appropriate" as a warning he could try to do it again if given the chance.
Lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) closed their case urging the Senate to convict Trump asking Senators why Trump did nothing to stop the riot.

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Source: CNN

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