What is Climate Change?

Everyone’s talking about climate change but what is our climate? And why is it changing?
Our climate has been changing much faster and there are many ways you and I can make a difference.

Learn more about climate change and what you can do:

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Everyone’s talking about climate change.
But what is our climate? And why is it changing?
Our climate is the earth’s normal weather, over a very long time.
It usually takes hundreds, or thousands of years for the climate to change.
But recently, our climate has been changing much faster.
All these changes make life harder for our plants, animals, and for people around the world.
And the biggest cause of climate change, is humans.
Including you and me.
When we use fuel, like oil and gasoline, or remove forests to make room for cities or farms, we release greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.
These greenhouse gasses cause our climate to get warmer.
Normally, when the heat from the sun warms our planet, some of the heat reflects back into space.
But greenhouse gases act like a big blanket, holding some of it in.
This extra heat can cause all sorts of problems for our planet;
and the plants, animals and people who live here.
Our ice and snow is melting faster.
Our oceans are getting warmer, and higher.
And our weather is becoming more extreme;
with more heat waves, heavy rainfalls and powerful hurricanes.
Luckily, many countries around the world are working together to fight climate change.
And there are lots easy ways you and I can help too.
Like reusing things, instead of throwing them out;
instead of driving, ride your bike or take the bus;
use less electricity;
and eat food grown closer to home.
You and I – we can make a difference.
We can fight climate change.

Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada

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