We Had Electric Cars in 1900… Then This Happened.

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In this Our Changing Climate climate change video essay, I look at how the electric car was popular in the 1900s and then everything changed. Specifically, I look at how electric cars have been around multiple times and have failed not because of engineering failures but because of cultural and societal issues. Electric cars like Tesla and GM’s new electric cars might be the turning point in the road for the electric car, but if we look back at history, the electric car has always faced an uphill battle. Norway’s electric car program has been instrumental in showing the world that in order to create an electric car infrastructure, we need to emphasize electric car subsidies, electric car charging stations, and much more. It is possible to transition quickly away from electric cars, we just have to put the effort in to get us there.

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Intro – 0:00
The Electric Race – 1:09
The EV1… Oh Wait Never Mind! – 4:43
The Electric Car Revolution – 7:19
Are Electric Cars Actually The Best Solution? – 9:37
Sponsored Message – 11:37
Outro – 13:45

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