WATCH: Impeachment trial outcome will define country’s history | Second Trump impeachment trial

Del. Stacey Plaskett, D-Virgin Islands, responded Feb. 12 to a question from Sen. Amy Klobachar, D-Minn., Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., and Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, about the message that will be sent to future presidents and legislators if Trump is not convicted. Trump has been charged with inciting an insurrection and was impeached in the House in January, while he was still in office.
Plaskett said an acquittal for Trump would have longstanding consequences, specifically in regards to civil rights. She said the insurrectionists will be emboldened if Trump is not convicted, attributing the statement to intelligence agencies. “Donald Trump told them this is only the beginning. They are waiting and watching.”

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    For copyright matters please contact us at: Mind Warehouse ► 1. PowerMaxx SSE 12 BL 2. Festool TID 18 […]
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