WATCH: Americans need the truth to beat COVID, Biden says

When President Joe Biden campaigned in Philadelphia last summer, he asked a woman what she needed the most. “I just want the truth,” he recalled her saying, as he gave a March 11 address marking the anniversary of the global pandemic. Biden said the nation was owed nothing less than the truth. “We know what we need to do to beat this virus … follow the scientists and the science. Work together.” He urged the country to put faith in the government’s most important function — protecting the American people. “The government isn’t some foreign force in a distant capital. No, it’s us, all of us.”

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    "In the U.S. Coast Guard, we value competence, capability, and professionalism. It was an honor to recognize FN Jose Torres-Julian, who led @U.S. Coast Guard Sector Miami’s Medical Unit as they evacuated more than 80,000 passengers from cruise ships to prevent the spread of COVID -19. The Sector leveraged his […]
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    Washington County Machine Guns brings out every machine gun we have once a year and do a test fire one after another with a single video take. Music by Hunt Tones: Source: US Defense Analysis […]
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  • WHO Leaders: ‘Vaccines Do Not Equal Zero Covid’ | NBC News
    Leaders at the World Health Organization issued a warning against complacency as Covid-19 vaccines begin to be distributed around the world. While welcoming the positive vaccine developments, Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also said the pandemic “has a long way to run.” » Subscribe to NBC News: […]
  • Joe Biden promises the most diverse cabinet in history
    While many world leaders have acknowledged President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, the man in the White House is still refusing to admit defeat. (Subscribe: He has now filed a number of lawsuits claiming irregularities in the counting of votes in last week’s election. But so […]
  • WATCH: Drone Video Shows Sunken Ship Off Coast Of Sri Lanka
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    Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Col. Stephen Ganyard discusses how the National Guard and local law enforcement are preparing for any threats on Inauguration Day. Source: ABC News […]
  • San Jose shooting: Police provide timeline of response, say deputies didn’t exchange fire | FULL
    San Jose Police spokesperson Russell Davis provided a timeline of the response by authorities to the mass shooting that occurred at a light rail yard run by the Valley Transit Authority. He said while he could not confirm the cause of death of the suspect, he could confirm deputies did not exchange gunfire. Davis […]
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    Dr. Moolenaar shared updates on CDC’s COVID-19 response, including the latest scientific information and what everyone should know about protecting themselves and others. Dr. Butler gave a brief status report on the pandemic and an overview of prevention with a specific emphasis on opportunities for faith-based […]
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  • Biden Visits Ford Plant As All-Electric F-150 Truck Is Unveiled
    President Biden is set to travel to Dearborn, Michigan as Ford unveils an all-electric version of its iconic F-150 pickup truck. NBC News’ Josh Lederman breaks down how Ford’s all-electric truck could impact the president’s climate goals.  » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC […]
  • Massachusetts And New York To Reopen Temporary Hospitals For Covid Patients | NBC News NOW
    As cases of Covid-19 continue to rise, hospitals in New York and Massachusetts are preparing field hospitals to help with the increase in patients. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News is a leading source of global news and information. […]
    For copyright matters please contact us at: Mind Warehouse ► 1. Trombia Free 2. Snow Lion Ice-Breaker (Preview) […]
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  • New CDC guidance eases outdoor mask requirements for fully vaccinated people
    Plus, President Joe Biden pledges to send aid to India as the country sets new records for COVID-19 cases. Source: ABC News […]
  • Pelosi scolds CNN reporter after stimulus question
    House speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed back at CNN’s Manu Raju after he asked about her handling of the Covid-19 relief package. #CNN #News Source: CNN […]