US is Testing The Most Intimidating Military Aircraft, Russian Shocked

US is Testing The Most Intimidating Military Aircraft, Russian Shocked

Much of warfare is psychological, and these frightening aircraft probably win most of their fights before any action takes place.

When the best military aircraft are discussed, it often involves fighter jets. It is incredible how some of them can achieve such outstanding performance and intimidate in the air so often. Yet it’s also astounding to look at some airplanes that are massive in size while still performing in the air.

While it’s easy to note the size, there’s also how impressive they are in flight. Much of warfare is psychological, so an intimidating-looking fighter can win much of the battle early on. Designers know this and ensure a plane isn’t just great in flying but striking how they look for the enemy.

Here are seven of the most intimidating military aircraft ever built and showcasing how a powerful look can be a bonus in combat.

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Source: US Defense Analysis

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