Trump impeachment: Democrats recount Capitol siege, say Trump was “Inciter in chief’” | HIGHLIGHTS

Democrats on Wednesday aimed to show how former U.S. president Donald Trump laid the groundwork for the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol by falsely claiming the election was stolen through fraudulent means as they opened their case charging him with inciting insurrection.

The 100 Senators, most of whom were in the Capitol during the deadly Jan. 6 assault, sat through videos recounting in graphic detail the violence as Trump’s supporters sought to block the peaceful transfer of power.

"He didn’t just tell them to fight like Hell, he told them how, where and when," impeachment manager, Rep. Joe Neguse said of the Jan. 6th rally that preceded the attack on the Capitol.

Lead impeachment manager, Rep. Jamie Raskin said the former president was the “Inciter in chief” behind the violent mob assault.

Among the notable moments was when impeachment manager, Rep. Madeleine Dean tearfully recounted the moment the mob broke into the Capitol.

Impeachment manager, Rep. Stacey Plaskett also presented unreleased footage from security cameras in the Capitol building, including footage of Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman passing Sen. Mitt Romney and asking him to turn around in order to get to safety.

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