Risk from India double mutation

UK and India


PM cancels India trip

Cases, + 200,000 for past 4 days

Deaths, + 1,620

Delhi lockdown for 1 week

(Weekend curfew judged ineffective)

Health services overwhelmed

Public Health England, 73 in England, 4 in Scotland

Not on red list

Chief Medical Advisor for NHS Test and Trace, Dr Susan Hopkins

UK did not have enough data yet to determine if India should be put on the list

UK Health Security Agency, please intervene now!

Not been classed as a "variant of concern"

Details on India


Test positivity rates

Start of April, 2.8%

April 10th, 10.3%

Case fatality rate from March 2020 = 1.3%

Now, 0.87%

New Zealand and Australia, travel bubble


Monday, first quarantine-free flight from Australia to NZ

After 400 days isolation

Janssen pause lifting Friday 23rd April


Dr. Fauci

By Friday, we should have an answer as to where we’re going with it

I would think that we’re not going to go beyond Friday in the extension of this pause

I do think that there will likely be some sort of warning or restriction or risk assessment

I think it’ll likely say, ‘Okay, we’re going to use it, but be careful under these certain circumstances.’

The six cases of the blood clots were in women ages 18 and 48

Late summer or early fall (Dr. Fauci)

FDA and the CDC will probably decide on a third booster shot

Expects high school students will be vaccinated by the fall school term

Elementary schoolchildren will receive vaccine doses by the first quarter of 2022.


Just over half of all adults in the US, at least one dose

131 million people

Sunday, 84 million, fully vaccinated

Anyone aged over 18 is now eligible

Dr. Fauci

US remains in a precarious position

US cases going up


Source: Dr. John Campbell

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