Pandemic update, people and gorillas


National Health Commission, cases + 55 + 115

Local transmission, 107 of the new cases


Heilongjiang, 16 new cases

WHO expert panel, arrive tomorrow

China Sinovac Biotech, Sinovac

Brazil, Efficacy, 50.4 percent effective at preventing symptomatic infections, (many HCWs)

Turkey, 91.25 %

Indonesia gave emergency-use approval on Monday

Interim data showing it is 65 %

Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine

EMA received the application from AZ for approval today.

There has been a rolling review

Netherlands has reserved 11.7 million, option for a further 3.9.

US, phase 3 completed in March

United States


Cases, + 193,857 + 213,885 = 22,538.426

Up 12.9 % in past 7 days

National positivity, 12.7%

Hospitalizations, 121,326 (23,881) (7,879)

Down 0.1% in past 7 days

Deaths, 371,449

Up 24.3% in past 7 days

US, Vaccinations

First does, 9,744,000

Second dose, 902,000 (0.28%)

San Diego

January 6, two of the gorillas began coughing

January 8, tests detected virus in troop.

Aside from some congestion and coughing, the gorillas are doing well

The troop remains quarantined together and are eating and drinking.

We are hopeful for a full recovery

Asymptomatic staff member

Despite following all recommended precautions


Cases, + 46,169 + 45,553 = 3,118,518

Estimated R number

1 to 1.4

Daily infection growth rate range, of 0% to + 6% (8th January 2021)

Cases, last 7 days, 389,572 (down 0.5%)

Hospitalised, + 4,193 + 4,240 = 32,294

Last 7 days, 26,914 (up 34%)

Deaths, + 529 + 1,243 = 83,203

Last 7 days, 6,898 (up 45.6%)

UK death certificate deaths, 93,030

Vaccinated, first dose, 2,431,648 (Jan 11th)



Variants, as of today

British variant: 25 cases, 8 of those have no travel connection
South African variant: 2 cases, both travellers from South Africa


Beximco Pharmaceuticals, buying 3 million doses of Oxford

AstraZeneca COVID-19 at about $8 each


Vaccine tracking

Source: Dr. John Campbell

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