Pandemic, Global surge


United States


Cases, + 193,857 + 22,324,541

Up 8.3% in past 7 days

Testing, + 1,897,059

Up 5.1% in past 7 days

National positivity, 13%

Hospitalizations, 129,748 (23,494) (7,781)

Deaths, 367,393


First does, 8,987,000

Second dose, 344,000 (0.11%)

All vaccine supplies to be released

Trump administration to urge states to provide shots to anyone 65 and older

Not holding back 50%

Available doses, 40 million

Greenhouse gas emissions down 10% in 2020


Cases, + 46,169 = 3,118,518

Last 7 days, 404,955 (up 5.5%)

Testing, + 619,941

Last 7 days, 3,403,714 (up 32%)

Hospitalised, + 4,193 = 32,294

Last 7 days, 26,836 (up 34%)

Deaths, + 529 = 81,960

Last 7 days, 6,485 (up 50%)

UK death certificate deaths, 93,030

Tracker app data

UK Excess deaths

England, deaths for 2020 = 575,407

Five year average = 503,730

Excess deaths above 5 year average = 71,677

UK deaths for 2020 = 697, 000

Excess deaths, 91,000

Up 15%


Highest per capita prevalence

42 out of 92 tests positive for 2020 12 variant

May ask people previous infections to wait

Karina Butler, National Immunization Advisory Committee

There is a suggestion coming out that if you have had Covid you might be fairly well protected for six months

Protection lasting for 8 months


Vaccine tracking

Source: Dr. John Campbell

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