Over 20,000 troops patrol Washington, DC ahead of Biden’s inauguration

In Washington, D.C. prosecutors have formally walked backed their assertion made in court filings that the alleged Capitol rioters intended to capture and assassinate elected officials when they stormed the Capitol building. The acting attorney general in Washington, DC says there’s no evidence of catch and kill teams. The Washington Post reports that the violent mob of pro-Trump supporters came perilously close to finding Vice-President Mike Pence that day. Today the area around the Capitol is under intense security, five days before president-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated. Jackson Proskow reports.

Over the four years President Trump has been in the White House, his support among Republicans has been nearly rock solid. Now, cracks appear to be developing. Some long time Republicans have had enough. Mike Armstrong is on the road in Pennsylvania and he’s been talking to some of them.

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