No apology from Trudeau over Governor General appointment following “scathing” report, resignation

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is not apologizing for his decision to appoint former Gov. Gen. Julie Payette following a ‘scathing’ report that has since led to her resignation.

During a press conference outside Rideau Cottage on Friday, Trudeau was directly asked if he feels an apology is owed to the people who endured this treatment following his decision to appoint Payette.

“I think as a government, we’ve demonstrated time and time again how important it is to create workplaces that are free and safe from harassment and in which people can do their important jobs in safety and security,” Trudeau said in response.

The prime minister was also asked if he regrets appointing Payette, but he did not give a firm answer – instead, Trudeau lauded the attributes he said the former governor general brought to her work.

“I think that Ms. Payette, with her emphasis on science and service, brought a great deal of positive aspects to the job,” Trudeau said.

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