Manchester United soccer fans protest against US owners ahead of Liverpool game

Thousands of Manchester United soccer fans protested against the club’s U.S. owners before Sunday’s Premier League game against Liverpool. British media said up to 10,000 supporters were expected to join the demonstration, which delayed the match’s opening kickoff.

The crowd stormed into Old Trafford stadium and gathered on the pitch ahead of one of the biggest domestic games of the season, following a protest outside the Lowry Hotel, where the United team traditionally spends the night before any home match.

The movement against the Glazer family, which also owns the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has gained momentum in recent weeks following the club’s failed attempt to form part of a breakaway European Super League last month.

United owner Joel Glazer, who was named the European Super League vice-chairman, apologized to fans in an open letter after they withdrew from the project. However that apology seems to have been rejected by the club’s supporters, who also protested outside Old Trafford stadium last week, and at United’s training ground.

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