Jamal Kashoggi murder: Biden administration to ‘recalibrate’ relationship with Saudi Arabia

Representatives of the Biden administration said Monday that the U.S. would be “recalibrating” its relationship with Saudi Arabia, following the release of a U.S. intelligence report that found Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved the operation to capture or kill journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In declassifying the report, Biden reversed his predecessor Donald Trump’s refusal to release it in defiance of a 2019 law, reflecting a new willingness on the part of the White House to challenge the kingdom on issues from human rights to Yemen.

State Department spokesperson Ned Price and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki both emphasized steps the U.S. has already taken, including sanctions and visa restrictions on 76 individuals believed to be involved in threatening dissidents overseas.

Psaki said that going forward the U.S. will push for action “as it relates to dissidents or journalists, or others being held” and that it would not support the war in Yemen.

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Source: Global News

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