Indigenous leaders can show us how to conserve nature | Curtis Scurr

Indigenous led conservation is a way of knowing, doing, and living in harmony with the environment and all living beings. Curtis Scurr, Associate Director, Environmental Sector of the Assembly of First Nations speaks of how Indigenous leaders can show us the way to conserve nature for future generations.

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So many of you, if not all of you are already doing this work and already involved either directly or indirectly.

Indigenous conservation for me is both a way of knowing and doing and living in harmony with the environment and all living beings.

It’s something that we as indigenous people have been doing since time immemorial and informs both our world view and the balance that we seek to create in all of the relationships that we form and the work that we do.
IPCAs — they’re a place where I think a lot of things that we work on in the environment sector can happen. I think about species at risk and species management, conservation activities, biodiversity, climate solutions, nature-based solutions for climate action.

Protected areas can become a place where we can realize a lot of those visions and objectives and goals, and particularly with the guidance and knowledge of our knowledge holders, our elders.

I think probably, first and foremost, this entire movement is really about enabling and allowing the leaders to lead, and that is indigenous nations in any way that they see fit. They have the answers, they have the tools, they have the ability. We certainly just need to support them and encourage them and empower them to do this work and to show us… to show us the way.

Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada

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