Incoming Calif. senator: ‘There has to be accountability, nobody is above the law’

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who will replace Vice President-elect Kamala Harris in the U.S. Senate, said he vows to fight for “what is best for California.”

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  • National Forum on COVID-19 Vaccine: Overview
    The National Forum on COVID-19 Vaccine is a 3-day virtual event bringing together COVID-19 vaccine practitioners and champions from across the country to exchange information, strategies, and promising practices for effective and equitable vaccine implementation in communities. This video gives an overview of the […]
  • Children Begin Receiving Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine | NBC Nightly News
    Following the FDA’s expanded emergency use authorization for Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, vaccination sites in Georgia began administering the shot to people as young as 12 years old. The CDC is expected to review the vaccine this week. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: […]
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    One day after announcing tighter public COVID-19 health measures in Alberta, Premier Jason Kenney has announced that starting on Monday, May 10 all residents 12 and older can receive the COVID-19 vaccine. To avoid overwhelming the system, bookings for the vaccine will be done in two steps. Starting on May 6, every […]
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    Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., on what needs to happen next in response to the president’s actions, and her hour-long conversation with Capitol Hill Police ahead of the riots. ABC News Live Prime, Weekdays at 7EST & 9EST WATCH the ABC News Live Stream Here: SUBSCRIBE to […]
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  • Coronavirus: Seniors living independently feel ‘forgotten’ as others prioritized for vaccines
    Seniors across the country are wondering when their turn will come to get vaccinated against COVID-19. In November, Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) provided recommendations for provinces and territories for their rollout plans. However, with ultimate discretion left to the provinces, the […]
  • Indicted Trump Organization CFO Removed From Top Roles At Subsidiaries
    Trump Organization chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, has been removed from his top positions at more than two dozen of the company’s subsidiaries. Weisselberg was indicted on tax fraud charges, but the Trump Organization continues to publicly support him. NBC News’ Hallie Jackson analyzes what this […]
  • Sen. Murphy on COVID relief: ‘We don’t have the luxury of time’
    Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., discusses former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and trying to get bipartisan support for President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill. ABC News Live Prime, Weekdays at 7EST & 9EST WATCH the ABC News Live Stream Here: SUBSCRIBE to ABC […]
  • Doctor Starts Program To Close Gap For Black Organ Transplant Patients
    Studies show that 26 percent of Black patients waiting for an organ receive one and the number is nearly double for white patients. Dr. Dinee Simpson is one of 10 Black, female transplant surgeons practicing in the U.S. She started the first and only program in the country that helps African Americans receive organs. […]
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    ABC News has confirmed that prosecutors under former U.S. Attorneys General Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr pursued subpoenas targeting the records of certain House Intelligence Committee members. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF ‘WORLD NEWS TONIGHT’: WATCH OTHER FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS […]
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    B.C. health officials on Monday reported 1,667 new COVID-19 cases and 41 deaths over the past three days. There were 652 cases and 28 deaths from Friday to Saturday, 486 cases and eight deaths from Saturday to Sunday, and 529 cases and five deaths from Sunday to Monday. The three-day total is 23 per cent lower than […]
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    In 100 days, U.S. troops are set to withdraw from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, interpreters who have worked with foreign soldiers are pleading for sanctuary for them and their families. They say they’re losing vital protection and facing death threats from the Taliban. As Mike Armstrong explains, calls are growing for […]
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    The federal ban on evictions, extended by President Biden through March, is a much-needed, yet only temporary pause on a looming crisis impacting hundreds of thousands of American families. Retro Report, a non-profit news organization, reports from Richmond, VA, which has one of the highest eviction rates in the […]
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    The federal program DACA, which gives nearly 800,000 young people legal status in the U.S., has been declared illegal by a federal judge. The recipients, known as dreamers, will face a legal battle to keep the program alive.» Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: […]
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  • New federal action and greater calls for change follow Chauvin trial, conviction
    A Minneapolis jury found former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of murder and manslaughter on Tuesday, setting off new calls to reform policing — and new federal action from the Justice Department. John Yang reports. Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: Find more from PBS NewsHour […]
  • US health agencies to decide on COVID-19 booster shots
    Questions about how long the immunity from vaccines will last continue and whether people will need booster shots at some point. Source: ABC News […]
  • Colombia protesters, police trade tear gas and rocks in anti-government demonstration
    Tensions rose on the streets of Colombia Friday, as protesters and police traded tear gas and rocks during an anti-government demonstration. Protesters attacked an armored police vehicle using a water cannon near the demonstration and officers fired tear gas to disperse the angry crowd. Amid singing and music during […]
  • As World Cup approaches, Qatar hits back at allegations of abuse
    Qatar’s stadiums for the 2022 World Cup speak to its future ambitions on the world stage. Yet each, also, captures and embodies the problems and criticisms that swirl around this World Cup — notably the allegations of the human cost of massive building project. #CNN #News Source: CNN […]
  • COVID-19 relief bill heads over to the Senate after passed by the House | GMA
    The bill was approved by a slim margin in the House of Representatives, and President Biden hopes the Senate will pass the bill before extended unemployment benefits expire in mid-March. #GMA #COVID19 #ReliefBill #UnemploymentBenefit Source: ABC News […]
  • Detained Belarus Blogger’s Father Calls For Son’s Release
    “The traces of beatings are clearly visible on the video,” said Dzmitry Protasevich of his son Roman’s appearance online. “He is not speaking his own words.” » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and […]
  • Health care workers given COVID-19 vaccine after months of tirelessly fighting virus
    Staffers at a hospital in New York City and a nursing home in New Jersey are given the COVID-19 vaccine. Nursing home residents, who are also vulnerable to the virus, eagerly await their turn. Source: ABC News […]
  • U.S. Track Star Sha’Carri Richardson Speaks Out After Suspension
    U.S. sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson has been suspended from the Olympic team after testing positive for marijuana. She apologized in an exclusive interview on NBC’s “TODAY” show, saying “I greatly apologize if I let you guys down, and I did.”» Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC […]
  • Durbin: ‘You Can’t Resign Your Way Out Of Responsibility’ | Meet The Press | NBC News
    Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Majority Whip, talks to Chuck Todd about the Senate’s acquittal of former President Trump, during an exclusive interview with Meet the Press. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of […]
  • 8 killed in San Jose mass shooting, suspect also dead
    The shooting occurred at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority in San Jose, California, on Wednesday morning. The suspect, a VTA employee, died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot. Source: ABC News […]
  • Residents Face Record Heat In The Northwest | NBC Nightly News
    Temperatures are dangerously high in the Northwest, hitting 117 degrees in Salem, Oregon. Residents are struggling to escape the heat in the typically cool region. There’s flooding in the Midwest with the possibility for more rain. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: […]
  • 4 more bodies found in Surfside building collapse
    At least 32 are dead and 113 remain unaccounted for as recovery efforts continue, officials said. Source: ABC News […]
  • Global National: Jan. 14, 2021 | Canadian provinces critical of government’s vaccine rollout
    The Canadian government says the country is months away from the "ramp-up" phase of its COVID-19 vaccination program, as premiers warn doses are running out. As Abigail Bimman explains, one province is adjusting its timeline on giving the vaccine’s required second shot. Security is being heightened in […]
  • Donald Trump hints at Joe Biden taking office as he speaks publicly for the first time since defeat
    In his first public remarks since his defeat by Joe Biden – Donald Trump finally hinted at the possibility of another President taking office – admitting "I guess time will tell". (Subscribe: But by this morning – he was back on Twitter – making […]
  • Families Of Pan Am Flight 103 Victims Speak Out After New Charges Announced | NBC Nightly News
    On both sides of the Atlantic, remembrances were held for the victims of Pan Am Flight 103 on the 32nd anniversary of the attack. The families of those lost tell Lester Holt that they never stopped pushing for justice. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: […]
  • WATCH LIVE: Senate committee holds hearing on college athletes’ compensation
    Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: Find more from PBS NewsHour at Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: […]
  • PBS NewsHour full episode, May 21, 2021
    Friday on the NewsHour, a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas holds, but tensions are high as both sides claim victory. Then, we look at the enormous vaccine gap between rich and poor countries, as the virus surges in the developing world. And, a look at how the emotion and trauma following George Floyd’s murder […]
  • PBS NewsHour live episode, May 12, 2021
    Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: Find more from PBS NewsHour at Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: […]
  • French Army In Heavy Combat Operations Against Insurgents During War In Mali
    Archive video footage shows French army soldiers in heavy combat operations against insurgents in Mali. The video footage shows scenes from the Battle of Gao, Mali and several other French military operations against insurgent forces during the the Northern Mali Conflict or so called Mali War. Named after the serval, […]
  • Kevin McCarthy delivers remarks on Capitol breach
    “The violence, destruction and chaos we saw earlier was unacceptable, undemocratic and un-American,” said the House minority leader. LIVE COVERAGE: SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK […]
  • COVID-19, climate change, China: Biden reaffirms America’s global role at the G7
    President Joe Biden made his first foreign trip as president to the U.K. for the G-7 summit where he was welcomed by world leaders amid talk of “shared values.” In a bid to move past the trump-era, President Biden reaffirmed America’s position and role in the world, pledging to lead the effort on vaccines by donating […]
  • Trump grants Michael Flynn a full pardon for lying to the FBI in Russian probe
    President Donald Trump on Wednesday pardoned his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, for lying to the FBI about his conversations with the Russian ambassador. Devlin Barrett, of the Washington Post, joins Judy Woodruff to discuss the circumstances surrounding Flynn’s conviction and pardon. Stream […]
  • Pence Receives Covid Vaccine On Live Television | NBC Nightly News
    To boost public confidence in the vaccine, Vice President Pence, Karen Pence and the surgeon general received the vaccine on camera. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News is a leading source of global news and information. Here you will […]

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