Huge effort required to deliver Coronavirus vaccine

Could the delivery of a breakthrough vaccine be hampered by the fact that it needs to cross borders? (Subscribe:

Manufacturers of the vaccine, that was yesterday hailed as providing some much needed hope in the fight against Covid, say it has to be stored at temperatures below minus 70 degrees. But if post-Brexit deals aren’t reached, smooth travel between the EU the UK could be put at risk.

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  • New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to face calls to resign after sexual harassment allegations
    Once a star in the U.S. COVID-19 crisis, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is now accused of inappropriate conduct from multiple women. But Cuomo has expressed he intends to remain in office in the face of sexual harassment allegations that have weakened his support and led to calls for his resignation, he said Wednesday. […]
  • Do teenagers sacrifice their youth for the health of the elderly? | COVID-19 Special
    The coronavirus pandemic has affected all walks of life around the world. For many, at the trickiest time of life, adolescene. You can’t stop a teen from growing up or developing. But the concern, in isolation, is that they’ll develop in the wrong direction. Psychologists warn of a global surge in mental […]
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  • Marjorie Taylor Greene confronts Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
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