How the US’ pandemic response crumbles under the current power struggles

US President-elect Joe Biden said on Monday that President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede defeat and coordinate in the transition process could lead to more COVID-19 deaths. The Trump administration has not yet formally acknowledged Biden as the president-elect, meaning Biden and his team are unable to access intelligence briefings on national security issues, as well as coming up with a plan to distribute potential COVID-19 vaccines.

Biden also called out members of the current administration like Scott Atlas, Trump’s health adviser, who has urged the people of Michigan to "rise up" against COVID-19 measures. "What the hell is the matter with these guys? It’s totally irresponsible," said Biden. His remarks came after US pharmaceutical firm Moderna announced its experimental coronavirus vaccine was shown to be nearly 95% effective in early testing. The United States has logged over 11.2 million COVID-19 cases — the highest in the world.


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