Here’s Monstrously Powerful US Cargo C 17 Globemaster III in Large Formation

Here’s Monstrously Powerful US Cargo C-17 Globemaster III in Large Formation

The Boeing C-17 Globemaster III military airlift aircraft is a high-wing, four-engine, T-tailed military transport vehicle capable of carrying payloads up to 169,000lb.

It has an international range and the ability to land on small airfields. A fully integrated electronic cockpit and advanced cargo system allow a crew of three (the pilot, co-pilot, and loadmaster) to operate all systems on any type of mission.

In February 2009, a $2.95bn contract was awarded to Boeing to deliver 15 additional C-17 for the US Air Force. Two C-17s were delivered to the Stewart Air National Guard Base in July 2011.

Since it entered service in January 1995, 218 aircraft have been delivered to the US Air Force.

C-17 Globemaster III aircraft is capable of turning in a small radius and can complete a 180° star turn in 80ft. It can also carry out routine backing. A fully loaded aircraft is capable of backing up a 2% gradient slope using the directed flow thrust reverser.

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