“Gun ownership in this country is a privilege, not a right,”: Blair defends new gun control measures

On Tuesday, the Canadian federal government launched the long-promised buyback program for what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described as “assault” or “assault-style” firearms.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said the legislation, tabled Tuesday morning in the House of Commons, will not allow the owners of the prohibited firearms to bequeath them to others, or to continue to use them under “grandfathering” policies.

He said those who choose not to sell their weapons back to the government will be held responsible if the weapons “end up in the hands of criminals.”

“Gun ownership in this country is a privilege, not a right,” Blair said.

“We do not arm ourselves in this country to protect ourselves from our fellow citizens. We rely on the rule of law, not the end of a gun, for our safety.”

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Source: Global News

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