Green Party takes aim at NDP seats with new strategic focus

Green Party Leader Annamie Paul has been prepping policy announcements and discussions as the party gears up for a possible spring election, including one Monday that reaffirmed the party’s position to campaign in favour of a universal basic income.

And within days, the party will officially announce its new national campaign director, an individual that, party sources say will be tasked with stealing votes that went to Jagmeet Singh’s New Democratic Party in the 2019 general election. The party wants to turn the two dozen orange seats in the House of Commons into two dozen green seats.

But even as it prepares for the potential of Canadians going to the polls, the Green Party of Canada is being forced to deal with a controversial internal personnel decision that some party members say could be a distraction that could hurt the party’s election preparations. David Akin has more.

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Source: Global News

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