Global National: May 2, 2021 | Alberta now leads all provinces in active COVID-19 cases

Alberta now leads the country with the most active COVID-19 cases per capita, as the province deals with a record-breaking surge in daily new cases. As Heather Yourex-West reports, Alberta’s hospitals are nearing their breaking point.

Meanwhile, the United States is seeing a growing number of younger Americans now getting hospitalized due to COVID-19. Jennifer Johnson explains how vaccine hesitancy and misinformation could be fueling the sudden surge.

As India reaches record high COVID-19 deaths and medical supplies dwindle, more countries are stepping up to help — but as Mike Le Couteur reports, there are also pleas for Canada to give back more vaccines.

Canada is fast-tracking its own COVID-19 immunization campaign, as millions more vaccines arrive in the coming weeks. So how long will it take before Canadians see a return to normal? Eric Sorensen looks at the potential timeline.

Plus, after the loss of Captain Sir Tom Moore to COVID-19, people across the United Kingdom are doing their part to honour his efforts to fight the pandemic. Crystal Goomansingh looks at how Brits are stepping up to the "100 Challenge."

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