Global National: Feb. 15, 2021 | Coroners inquiry into Montreal long-term care deaths

Across the country public health authorities say they’re making progress of getting vaccines into long-term care facilities. In some regions authorities say there is already proof the inoculations are having an impact. For so many families the vaccine rollout is too little too late. According to the National Institute on Aging, more than 14,000 Canadians in long-term care have died of the virus. Of those, more than 7,600 were in Quebec. One of that province’s hardest his facilities was Herron on Montreal’s West Island. Dozens died in horrible conditions and now a coroners inquiry is underway to determine what went so wrong. Mike Armstrong has our top story.

In the U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is applauding the nations unprecedented vaccination rollout. At least 15 million people have had their first COVID-19 shot and now the next phase begins. But Johnson is tempering expectations to help ease Britain out of lockdown. The number of people in hospitals suffering from severe forms of the virus is higher now than in the first wave of the pandemic. Crystal Goomansingh reports.

The federal government has assembled a coalition of allies to denounce state sponsored arrests of foreign nationals for political purposes. This is the strongest stance taken by Ottawa since the detention of two Canadians in China. The initiative is earning praise around the world, but as our chief political correspondent David Akin reports, key countries are holding out.

The impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump maybe over but Trump has signaled that he wants to remain an active force in American politics. As Jackson Proskow reports, with or without Trump, Republicans have to figure out what type of party they want to be.

The military in Myanmar is using a new weapon to crack down on protesters. The junta imposed a law that threatens up to 20 years in prison for anyone convicted of obstructing the armed forces. Armoured vehicles and soldiers are patrolling the streets, but demonstrators remain defiant, fighting for the return of the country’s fragile democracy. Redmond Shannon reports.

The Black Lives Matter protests of last summer, following the death of George Floyd sparked a racial reckoning. The movement forced Canadians to examine the issues and obstacles people of colour face everyday in this country. And for the Black community, Black only spaces on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites have emerged as forums to address concerns and to heal. The purpose of these spaces isn’t to exclude anyone, but to offer a platform to connect shared experiences. Candace Daniel explains.


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