Global National: April 30, 2021 | Canadians looking across the border for COVID-19 vaccines

Though we’re still in the grip of the third wave of the pandemic, there are signs public health measures and vaccines are finally bringing the numbers down. Daily case counts across the country have dropped seven per cent in the last week and the vaccination campaign is about to pick up steam. Still, some Canadians are tired of waiting for their turn and they’re finding the vaccine elsewhere. Even if it takes them out of the country. Robin Gill has more.

New variants are still putting pressure on Ontario hospitals. The province is now getting help from the military and as Eric Sorensen reports, there are some promising signs the third wave is cresting.

The Ontario government is awaiting a report examining what went wrong inside long-term care homes during the pandemic. Just two days ago the province’s auditor general published a scathing report saying the sector wasn’t prepared for COVID-19. Our investigative team has spent months looking into what happened inside those care homes including the worst hit in Ontario. As Carolyn Jarvis reports, families are asking how it was able to get so bad.

The U.S. has enough COVID-19 vaccine supply, but not enough demand. Tens of thousands of vaccine appointments are going unfilled across the country. The number of doses administered each day in the U.S. is dropping and as Jackson Proskow reports that’s forcing some states to get creative to convince vaccine skeptics to get the shot.

We often report on the statistics of the virus: the numbers of cases and the dead. But behind each number is a person. A British Columbia woman who lost her young, healthy husband to COVID-19 is sharing her family’s heartbreaking story. Emad Agahi reports.

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