Giant Rats Are Sniffing Out Landmines and Tuberculosis

These 2-foot giant pouched rats are giving rats a good name. Referred to as ‘Hero Rats’, they have a superpower that’s saving thousands of lives: a powerful nose that can detect unexploded landmines and Tuberculosis. And now, they’re being trained to sniff out just about anything, from illegal wildlife trafficking to humans trapped under rubble after a natural disaster.

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  • One Man’s Plan to Revolutionize Electric Cars and Elections
    After almost 13 years in development, Arcimoto’s three-wheeled electric vehicles had finally started rolling off the production line. But shortly after the first 100 were made, the coronavirus shut down production. While the company has adapted its green vision to our new pandemic reality, its founder has his eyes on […]
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    As companies reopen some employers are mandating workers get the Covid-19 vaccine. NBC News’ Danny Cevallos explains if companies can legally require this. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and […]
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    Argentina on Wednesday voted to legalize abortion, making it the first major Latin American country to take the step. María Victoria Murillo, director of the Institute for Latin American Studies at Columbia University, joins Nick Schifrin to discuss what the historic vote means for Argentina and the region. Stream […]
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    Reports of shots fired inside the building and the president tweets "stay peaceful." Source: ABC News […]
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