Fox News targets Bill Gates after CNN interview

CNN’s Brianna Keilar breaks down why Fox News is targeting Bill Gates after his interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper about the coronavirus.

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Source: CNN

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    The trial for Michael Spavor, one of two Canadians detained in China, took place behind closed doors and ended without a verdict after just two hours, according to multiple local reports Friday. Canadian officials were barred from attending the trial in the Chinese city of Dandong, where Spavor was being tried on […]
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  • WH Offers Infrastructure Counterproposal To GOP Of $1.7 Trillion
    White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced that the Biden administration has offered a counterproposal to the GOP on the infrastructure plan that would bring its total cost from $2.25 trillion to $1.7 trillion. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: […]
  • Biden announces new vaccination timeline, major partnership | WNT
    President Joe Biden announced a partnership between pharmaceutical giants Merck & Co. and Johnson & Johnson, adding that there would be enough vaccines for every adult in the U.S. by the end of May. | WNT WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF ‘WORLD NEWS TONIGHT’: WATCH OTHER FULL […]
  • Liz Cheney hits back at Trump: 2020 election was not stolen
    Rep. LIz Cheney (R-UT) responded to a statement from former President Donald Trump saying the 2020 presidential election was not stolen and anyone who claims otherwise is pushing the Big Lie. Cheney, the number 3 Republican in the House, is now facing renewed calls within her party to be removed from her leadership […]
  • WATCH: Ignoring violent insurrection would invite future presidents to abuse power, Neguse argues
    Warning: Some video shown during the trial contains graphic images of violence and profanity. Rep. Jon Neguse, D-Colo., spoke Tuesday in a hearing about the constitutionality of former President Donald Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial, which has been questioned by many Republicans. However, Democrats are […]
  • Biden Gives First TV Interview As President | NBC Nightly News
    In his Super Bowl interview, President Joe Biden answered questions on reopening schools and confronting Iran’s nuclear ambitions, among other topics. This week, the president’s agenda for his first 100 days will compete with the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump.» Subscribe to NBC News: […]
  • Family of Andrew Brown Jr. views body cam footage of fatal shooting | WNT
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    Este anuncio de servicio público (PSA, por sus siglas en Inglés) de 30 segundos presenta a Allyson Felix como portavoz de la campaña “Hear Her” de los CDC. Allyson es una atleta de élite, madre devota, sobreviviente y defensora. Ella habla de complicaciones con la preeclampsia durante su embarazo y cómo el apoyo de su […]
  • Live: NBC News NOW – March 4
    NBC News NOW is live, reporting breaking news and developing stories in real time. We are on the scene, covering the most important stories of the day and taking deep dives on issues you care about. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News […]
  • COVID-19 Vaccines PSA: Fertility – Dr. Katie
    If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy can protect you from severe illness from COVID-19. If you have questions about fertility and getting vaccinated, talk w Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our […]
  • Secretary Of Health Azar Says Pfizer Submitting Covid Vaccine For Emergency FDA Approval Friday
    Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar announced during a White House coronavirus task force briefing that Pfizer would be submitting its Covid-19 vaccine for emergency approval as soon as Friday and distribution and injection will begin hours after federal regulators authorize it. » Subscribe to NBC News: […]
  • PBS NewsHour full episode, June 11, 2021
    Friday on the NewsHour, President Biden meets with other leaders face-to-face to discuss global vaccination efforts and an initiative to increase taxes on the world’s wealthiest, how the Trump administration sought cell phone data from Democratic members of Congress and their families, and two street artists on […]
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    John Yang discusses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with Shibley Telhami a professor at the University of Maryland who’s been an advisor to the State Department and the U.S. mission to the United Nations, and Aaron David Miller, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, who helped shape […]
  • Hear parents in China react to the new three-child policy
    China announced it will allow couples to have up to three children to try to reverse declining birth rates. It may be a tough sell for some families who think raising children in cities is too expensive. CNN’s Scott McLean reports. #CNN #News #CNNi Source: CNN […]
  • Smerconish: Is 1 shot for all better than none for some?
    Some members of the GOP Doctors Caucus say the US Covid-19 vaccine strategy should emulate the UK, where the priority is to get administer as many first shots as possible before giving out the second dose. CNN’s Michael Smerconish examines the debate. #CNN #News Source: CNN […]
    For copyright matters please contact us at: Mind Warehouse ► 1. Avios C-130 Hercules (Preview) […]
  • Spring Breakers Flood To Reopening States | NBC Nightly News
    In Texas, businesses can now operate at 100% capacity and there is no mask mandate. Los Angeles is beginning to loosen restrictions after surpassing their target of 2 million residents vaccinated.» Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News […]
  • CNNi: Biden’s foreign policy speech explained
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  • Nearly half of US has moderate or low COVID transmission rates l GMA
    State officials continue to push for people to get vaccinated as reopening plans move forward. Subscribe to GMA’s YouTube page: Visit Good Morning America’s homepage: Follow GMA: Facebook: Twitter: […]
  • Iran blamed Israel for nuclear scientist’s assassination. Here’s what we know
    The Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated east of Tehran was shot by a remote-controlled machine gun operating out of another car, the semi-official Fars News Agency said. With top Iranian officials blaming Israel, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and others have promised revenge for the Friday killing of […]
  • Israeli Nationalist Flag March Draws Angry Palestinian Protest
    “This provocative march is a translation of the occupation of East Jerusalem,” said Arab Israeli lawmaker Ahmad Tibi. “It seems that in these issues there is no change.” » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of […]
  • Ontario critical care nurses in high demand amid COVID-19 3rd wave
    As cases of COVID-19 surge in Ontario amid a deepening third wave, staff in intensive care units (ICUs) are feeling the pressure. The province has promised more beds as a way of helping hospitals, but caring for the severely ill requires specialized staff and in particular, critical care nurses. In hospitals across […]
  • Canadian called to stand trial in France for 2nd time over 1980 bombing
    Ontario’s Hassan Diab, 67, has been ordered by France’s highest court to stand trial for a 1980 bombing of a Paris synagogue that killed four people. Diab, a Ottawa sociology professor, was arrested in 2008 in response to a request by France with him suspected in the bombing. After drawn-out proceedings […]
  • Millions of Americans line up at food banks before Thanksgiving
    A food bank in Bergen County, New Jersey, has provided 670,000 meals to more than 45,000 families and said it can’t meet the growing demand. Source: ABC News […]
  • Watch Joe Biden’s full speech to Congress
    Just days before his 100th day in office, President Joe Biden pushed an ambitious economic plan during his first prime-time address to Congress. #CNN #News #Biden Source: CNN […]
  • Senate takes up voting rights bill
    The For The People Act would change how voters are registered and elections are administered. Source: ABC News […]
  • Head Of Dallas Teen Mom Shelter Speaks Out After Facility Loses Power, Residents Relocated
    Among the millions struggling to stay warm in Texas are residents and staff at Viola’s House, a Dallas shelter for teen moms experiencing homelessness. The shelter’s executive director Thana Simmons describes to News Now the ongoing hardships faced by residents and staff. » Subscribe to NBC News: […]
  • ASL Video Series: Living in Shared Housing
    People who live in shared housing often meet at meals, activities, the laundry room, on the stairs, or in the elevator, which may lead to the spread of COVID-19 if precautions are not taken. More COVID-19 information in ASL: More COVID-19 […]
  • BC reports 874 new COVID-19 cases, as hospitalizations drop from record high | FULL
    B.C. health officials reported 874 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, along with one death. Of the new cases, 187 were in the Vancouver Coastal Health region, 574 were in the Fraser Health region, 29 were in Island Health, 60 were in Interior Health, and 24 were in Northern Health. The number of people in hospital […]
  • Child dies in road rage incident amid series of unrelated highway shootings | WNT
    There have been at least 80 shooting incidents on Southern California highways since late April, resulting in shattered windows. Authorities believe the shooters have been using pellet or BB guns. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF ‘WORLD NEWS TONIGHT’: WATCH OTHER FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS […]
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    Tuesday on the NewsHour, the Biden administration continues its flurry of executive actions, a discussion with White House adviser Susan Rice on driving the goal of equity, COVID infections and deaths dip amid sluggish pace of inoculations, the vulnerabilities the U.S. still faces after the recent cyberattack, and the […]
  • Myanmar coup: Protesters pelt police with debris as street clashes continue
    Police in Myanmar, also known as Burma, fired water cannons at protesters in the country’s capital Naypyitaw and other several cities including Bago on Tuesday, as the crowds protesting against the military’s seizure of power refused to disperse, defying a ban on large gatherings and curfews in some areas. […]
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    WASHINGTON (May. 11, 2021) – Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Mike Gilday and his wife Linda deliver their Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month message. (U.S. Navy video by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Nick Brown/Released) Source: U.S. Navy […]
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    Sen. Bernie Sanders is interviewed on "This Week." #ABCNews #ThisWeek #COVID19 #CoronavirusRelief #BernieSanders Source: ABC News […]
  • 4 dead after Capitol stormed by rioters
    Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent, discusses how security was breached in the Capitol yesterday. Source: ABC News […]
  • Medidas para prevenir el COVID-19
    Para prevenir el COVID-19 debe seguir tomando medidas preventivas como las siguientes: mantener la distancia entre usted y los demás, lavarse las manos con frecuencia, ponerse cubiertas para la cara o mascarillas, evitar tocarse los ojos, la nariz y la boca con las manos sin lavar. Es muy importante quedarse en casa […]
  • These Researchers Paved The Way For The Covid Vaccine
    Dr. Kati Kariko and Dr. Drew Weissman found a way to create a vaccine that got past the body’s defenses, but still prompted the immune system to make antibodies to fight the disease. For years, their breakthrough went unnoticed, but lives are now being saved because of their work.» Subscribe to NBC News: […]
  • Watch: The Second Impeachment Trial Of Donald Trump | NBC News Now – Feb. 13, 2021
    NBC News NOW is reporting breaking news and developing stories in real time. We are on the scene, covering the most important stories of the day and taking deep dives on issues you care about. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital […]
  • President Trump remains defiant over election
    President Donald Trump continues to push voter fraud accusations without evidence. ABC News Live Prime, Weekdays at 7EST & 9EST WATCH the ABC News Live Stream Here: SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on LIKE ABC News on […]
  • China Panic: United States approves $600m sale of armed drones to Taiwan
    The United States approves $600m sale of armed drones to Taiwan The drones are the latest pieces of advanced military equipment to be sold to Taiwan in sales that have angered China. The United States plans to sell four-armed MQ-9 Reaper drones to Taiwan, the US Department of State announced on Tuesday, in a sale that […]
  • Hunter Biden under federal criminal investigation
    President-elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden announced that the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware is investigating his tax affairs. CNN’s Evan Perez has more. #CNN #News Source: CNN […]
  • Trump Gives Farewell Address, Urges Country To ‘Pray’ For Biden Administration | NBC News NOW
    President Donald Trump highlighted his administration’s success in his farewell address to the nation. Trump also said the “Make America Great Again” movement is “only just beginning.” NBC News’ Shannon Pettypiece reports on Trump acknowledging Joe Biden’s incoming administration. » Subscribe to NBC News: […]
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  • US House votes to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees after controversial comments
    The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Thursday to strip Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of two high-profile committee assignments over her incendiary remarks including support for violence against Democrats. Underscoring the political vise her inflammatory commentary has clamped her party into, […]
  • ‘It disgusts me’: Georgia lieutenant governor on Trump’s attacks
    President Trump has repeatedly and falsely attacked Georgia election officials, including the secretary of state whom he called an "enemy of the people" and Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, for their handling of the presidential election. The state’s Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan speaks to CNN’s Jake Tapper […]
  • Over 20,000 troops patrol Washington, DC ahead of Biden’s inauguration
    In Washington, D.C. prosecutors have formally walked backed their assertion made in court filings that the alleged Capitol rioters intended to capture and assassinate elected officials when they stormed the Capitol building. The acting attorney general in Washington, DC says there’s no evidence of catch and kill […]
  • Climate adviser Gina McCarthy on what President Biden wants to accomplish
    President Biden is doing a 180 from his predecessor’s policies and is vowing to confront the issue of climate change head on. But most Republicans have pushed back on climate change efforts. White House national climate adviser and former head of the EPA, Gina McCarthy, joins Judy Woodruff to discuss. Stream […]
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    President Trump is adding to his tweets of election fraud as Arizona certifies election results. NBC News’ Simone Boyce reports on the history of the Republican party’s voter fraud claims in the U.S. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC […]
  • CDC announces new outdoor mask guidance
    CDC Director Rochelle Walensky announced that it’s safe for fully vaccinated people to go unmasked at small outdoor gatherings, or when dining outside with friends from multiple households. #CNN #News Source: CNN […]
  • Over 100K Albertans sign up for COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday | FULL
    More than 100,000 Albertans aged 30 and older signed up for the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday, the first day eligibility was expanded. "That is incredibly exciting and I encourage all Albertans to book as soon as they can," chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said Thursday afternoon. Alberta […]
  • Disappointing jobs report well below expectations
    The U.S. added 266,000 jobs in April and the unemployment rate rose to 6.1%, calling economic recovery into question. Source: ABC News […]
  • 3 things you can do about climate change from home during COVID | #shorts
    Even though many of us are stuck at home during the pandemic, there are still ways to make more climate-friendly choices. Altering these small behaviors – like how you garden, cook and ship packages – can have positive impacts on the planet. #shorts Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: […]
  • Washington mayor says Trump must held accountable for “domestic terrorism” of Capitol riot | FULL
    Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser on Thursday said that President Donald Trump must be held accountable for the Capitol Hill riots, claiming what happened on Wednesday “is what he wanted to happen.” She went on to say those who stormed the Capitol building must also be held accountable, calling it “textbook […]
  • Basic Molecular Biology: Basic Science – DNA Structure
    Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a complex molecule of many components. These components can be divided into four main groups: basic elements, nucleosides, nucleotides, and nucleic acids. This video will describe how these four groups build upon each other to create the DNA molecule. Comments on this video are allowed […]
  • US election: Congress meets to certify Joe Biden’s election win | LIVE
    U.S. lawmakers are set to meet on Wednesday to formally count the Electoral College votes, and in normal times then certify Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election over incumbent Republican President Donald Trump. The Electoral College count is normally a formality in the election process, with […]
  • How to Spend Ethically During a Pandemic
    The pandemic has boosted business for companies that didn’t need it, while smaller stores and restaurants suffer. On this episode of Good Money, we examine how you can best vote with your wallet. #GoodMoney #BloombergQuicktake #PersonalFinance ——– Like this video? Subscribe: […]