Europe eventually follows AZ evidence



First dose, 21 million

Second dose, 1 million

In the past 7 days

Cases, + 46,796
Down 34%

Deaths, + 1,783 = 124,025
Down 33%

Deaths, = 140,062

Hospitalizations, + 6,557
Down 29%

ONS, Over 80s breaking rules


One dose, 99%

Two doses,15%

49% perceived coronavirus to be a major or significant risk to them personally without vaccination

Two out of five (41%) over 80s

who had received the first dose of a vaccine less than three weeks ago

reported they had met someone other than a household member, care worker or member of their support


One dose, 25% of over 80s much or somewhat more likely to attend a hospital

Two doses, 33% of over 80s much or somewhat more likely to attend a hospital


UK variant

Four weeks ago, 6% of cases

Now, at least 40% of cases

Lothar Wieler, Robert Koch Institute

It is foreseeable that B117 will soon be the predominant variant in Germany

it will be even more difficult to keep the virus in check

because B117 is more contagious and even more dangerous in all age groups


Giving Oxford/AstraZeneca’s vaccine to everyone aged over 18


Available to over 65s


Jens Spahn, Health Minister

This is good news for any elderly person waiting to be vaccinated.

They can now be vaccinated faster

Greece, Sweden, Belgium



Still thinking about it


Postponing elections until after the summer

Blocking a shipment of 250,000 AstraZeneca jabs to Australia

Brussels, export transparency regime, approves blockage

AZ production sites, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany

Italy has 1.5 million AstraZeneca vaccines and has administered 322,800

Greg Hunt

Australia has raised the issue with the European Commission

we have asked the European Commission to review this decision

Simon Birmingham (Finance Minister)

The world is in uncharted territory at present, it’s unsurprising that some countries would tear up the rule book


Allow entry to vaccinated British tourists in May

Israelis from April


BC, 4 month interval for Pfizer and Moderna

Quebec, 3 month gap


President, stop whining about COVID-19

Cases, + 71,704 + 75,102 = 10,800,000

Deaths, +1,641 + 1,919 + 1,699 = 261,000

Up 25% over past 2 weeks

P.1 variant first detected in Manaus


Arriving, 4.2 million doses Sputnik V

Delays from the expected COVAX shots, Reuters reported.

Government has also ordered 1.4 million from AZ

United states


Cases, + 65,424 (7 days, 437,888) = 28,580,198

Deaths, + 1,947 = 571,224


One dose, 54,035,670 (21.2% 16.3%)

Two doses, 27,795,980 (10.9% 8.4%)

Texas and Mississippi

Dr. Fauci

I don’t know why they’re doing it but it’s certainly, from a public health standpoint, ill-advised



San Diego Safari Park vaccinated nine gorillas

Four orangutans and five bonobos already had 2 shots


No interim report

Publish a full report in coming weeks

New Zealand

Lifting lockdown restrictions, Auckland, starting March 7

(15 community cases of B117 in February)

Source: Dr. John Campbell

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