Difficult COVID month ahead

United States

100 million shots in 100 days

Current supply issues

Using the defence production act

Federal Emergency Management Agency and National Guard to build sites

Federal mask mandate


https://covidtracking.com/data(The Atlantic)


Cases, + 215,449 = 23,715,000

Down 8.1% in past 7 days

National positivity rate, 11.1%

Hospitalizations, 126,139 (23,524) (7,755)

Down 3.5% in past 7 days

Deaths, 386,825

Up 6.4% in past 7 days

US, Vaccinations

Distributed, 31,161,075

First dose, 10,595,866

Second dose, 1,610,524


Sir Simon Stevens, Head of NHS England


Hospitals, extreme pressure

London and South East, East of England, Midlands, North West




Estimated R number

1.2 – 1.3 (15th January)

Daily infection growth rate range, of + 2% to + 5% (15th January 2021)

Cases, + 41,346 = 3,375,361

Cases, last 7 days, down 18.6%

Hospitalised, + 4,532 = 37,475 (3,789)

Last 7 days, up 19.7%

Deaths, + 7,722 (7 days) = 88,590

Last 7 days, up 23.5%

UK death certificate deaths, 93,030

Vaccinated, first dose, 3,559,179 (Jan 15th)

Second dose, 447,261

Vaccinations, next step

End of June, all over 18 vaccinated, (54 million)

Four to five million people a week within months.

Moderna (17m)

Johnson & Johnson (30m)

Nadhim Zahawi, new vaccines for variants, 30-40 days after first identified

Hospitalisations and deaths down early March

UK Super-factory (158m)

End of 2021

Vaccinate everyone against VOCs within 4 months

Opens later this year

Vaccines Manufacturing Innovation Centre (VMIC)

Harwell Science & Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire, not-for-profit company

Capable of producing 70m doses in four to five months

Much of the Pfizer and Oxford vaccine made in Belgium and Netherlands

Equipped to produce mRNA vaccines and adenovirus-based

Mr David Davis, MP


8 million people

Death rate cut by two thirds

50 -70 per day down to 5 -15 per day

Calcifediol to high-risk groups

Madrid is reviewing



Emergency approval to two vaccines

First 300 million

3,000 vaccination centres


Covaxin, Bharat Biotech

Both fridge temperatures

Both cost $2.75 per dose

Pfizer is $19.50

Indian regulators, Bharat Biotech vaccine, used in clinical trial mode

Serum Institute, Covax project


Rate in community transmission remains high after 20% vaccinated


Pfizer-BioNTech, reduce chances of catching coronavirus by 33 – 60 % after 14 days

Looking like vaccine prevents recipients transmitting coronavirus

N = 200,000 (vaccinated)

N = 200,000 (unvaccinated)
No behaviour change

Full 95 per cent protection comes after two shots

Now inviting over 50s



Government will first ascertain that Covid-19 vaccines are safe before administering them on volunteers.

Following other States, with keen interest

Zimbabwe adopted a measured approach

Further, in the unlikely scenario that cases spiral out of control, all hospitals in the country may be turned into Covid-19 centres.



Several players have expressed frustration

At least three female players said they might not have gone

At least 47 players are now in isolation in Melbourne

Two flights with positive cases

Emma Cassar, Quarantine Commissioner, Victoria

People in the hotels were breaching lockdown rules by opening their doors to communicate with others on their floor

It is really low-level but really dangerous acts which we just can’t tolerate

Source: Dr. John Campbell

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