Czech republic authorises ivermectin

UK, CoViD symptom tracker

Drop in news COVID cases resumes

Symptomatic cases, + 8,111

Based on 9,642 swab tests data from last week

Week before, + 9,545

Decrease of 15%

Down 88% from a peak of 69,000 at the beginning of the year

Prevalence, 1 in 483 people in the UK currently have symptomatic COVID

Cases, + 5,177
Down 31.3%

Deaths, + 82
Down 34.8%

Hospitalised, + 707
Down 29.6%

In patients, 12,876

First dose, 22,213,112

Second dose, 1,122,402

Nicola Sturgeon

Everyone has made so many sacrifices in the past year & seeing a minority risk our progress is infuriating & disgraceful


Minimum of 5 weeks apart

Step One

England, From 8 March

All schools and colleges open

Outside, with 2 people, tea, picnic

England, From 29 March

Outdoor gatherings, six people or two households

Including private gardens

Outdoor sports allowed

Step Two

From 12 April

Pubs and restaurants open for outdoor drinking and eating

Non-essential retail opens, hairdressers and some public buildings like libraries

Outdoor settings like alcohol takeaways, beer gardens, zoos and theme parks

Indoor leisure like swimming pools and gyms

Self-contained holiday accommodation, and camp sites

Still no indoor mixing between different households

Review of international leisure travel, announced by 12 April at the earliest

Funerals, up to 30 people, weddings up to 15 guests

Step Three

From 17 May, at the earliest

If the data allows

Outdoor, up to 30 people

Two households can mix indoors

Pubs and restaurants, eating inside, rule of six

Cinemas, museums, hotels, open

Up to 10,000 spectators outdoor

consider the potential role of Covid status certification

Step Four

From 21 June

Potentially see all legal limits on social contact removed


Restrictions on weddings and funerals will also be abolished

United States

Cases, 28,771,749

Deaths, 522,973




US Vaccinations

Administered, 90,351,750

First dose, 58,873,710 (17.7%)

Second dose, 30,686,881 (9.2%)

Dr. Fauci

Those guidelines are coming out from the C.D.C. really imminently

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, C.D.C. director

these are complex issues, and the science is rapidly evolving

We are making sure and taking the time to get this right

Czech republic

In order to protect public health

To ensure the availability of medicinal products important for the provision of health care

HUVEMEC 3 mg, tablets, manufactured by Huvepharma, Bulgaria, containing the active substance Ivermectin

Subject to a medical prescription

Only for use in hospitalized patients over 18 years of age

Risk of teratogenicity

0.2 mg / kg / day administered on days 1, 3 and 5

Maximum daily dose of 24 mg was evaluated as safe and most appropriate.

Can be given to inpatient health care providers

Due to the favorable safety profile and lack of other treatment alternatives

It is more appropriate to allow the use of an unregistered medicinal product under controlled conditions

Thus prevent reckless use of Ivermectin obtained on the black market or by using inappropriate veterinary products or dosage forms (cream, paste).

The patient must be informed that he is being treated with an unregistered medicinal product

that is not used in accordance with the marketing authorization and will be aware of its benefits and risks.


Authorises Ivermectin for use against CoViD

In hospitals and on prescription

For the next 6 months


Population, 38 million

Cases, 55,847

Deaths, 2,449

Covax initiative, 468,000 AstraZeneca vaccines arrived today

In addition to 500,000 from India

New Zealand

Bought 10 million Pfizer vaccine doses

Only vaccine approved so far

Middle of the year


Population, 96 million

Cases – 2,500

Deaths, 35

Began immunization program today

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine

South Korea

Approve AstraZeneca today for people 65 +



Cases = 17 15,981

Deaths = 1,063

President Bashar al-Assad and Asma

Tested positive, mild symptoms

Quarantining at home for at least two weeks

Source: Dr. John Campbell

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