Cuomo makes public apology, says he won’t resign | WNT

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo addressed the sexual harassment allegations he’s been facing on Wednesday and apologized. He denied any inappropriate touching.




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Source: ABC News

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  • U.S. Records Nearly 200,000 Coronavirus Infections In Single Day | NBC Nightly News
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  • Congresswoman faces judgment of colleagues, defends herself | WNT
    GOP Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene is under fire for promoting a wide range of racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. On Thursday, she tried to brush it all away on the House floor. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF ‘WORLD NEWS TONIGHT’: WATCH OTHER FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: […]
  • Brazil, Special report
    Excellent report, helps to make sense of many things over the past months. Thank you Raphael. Source: Dr. John Campbell […]
  • WATCH LIVE: Pentagon holds press briefing
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  • PBS NewsHour live episode, Dec 30, 2020
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  • Trump hails COVID-19 vaccine as “Christmas miracle” in holiday video
    U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump wished Americans a Merry Christmas and praised first responders, service members and the medical community for saving lives and fighting COVID-19. In a pre-recorded video released on Christmas Eve, Trump noted the United States was delivering millions of doses […]
  • National Mall’s ‘Field Of Flags’ Illuminated Ahead Of Joe Biden’s Inauguration | NBC News NOW
    The completed "Field of Flags" display on the National Mall was lit up by powerful beacons on Monday. The display was organized by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to mark the swearing-in of President-elect Joe Biden. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: […]
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    Both the U.K and European Union said Brexit would continue negotiations past the self-imposed deadline. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the two sides remain “very far apart on some key things,” such as fishing rights and trade. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said from Brussels that […]
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    As disaster struck a family traveling through California, Gunnery Sgt. Kyle Wetter risked his own safety to help save a baby strapped inside a burning car. (U.S. Marine Corps video by Cpl. Stephen Beard) Source: Marines […]
  • Fauci says he’s confident in the vaccine. Here’s why
    Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said he feels fine after getting a Covid-19 vaccine and is very confident in the efficacy of the Moderna and Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines. #CNN #News Source: CNN […]
  • NASA sets ambitious goals for latest mission to Mars
    If all goes according to plan, the United States will land its most advanced rover ever on Mars on Thursday, nearly 300-million miles from where it lifted off last year. It is a daunting task, one that will set up a more ambitious exploration of the Red Planet. Miles O’Brien lays out the nerve-wracking […]
  • WATCH LIVE: Senate committee considers nomination of Deb Haaland for interior secretary
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  • OE720 | OE750 | 金属分析仪 | 技术介绍
    OE720和OE750是高性能OES金属分析仪。 日立OE系列火花直读光谱仪可让您分析所有主要合金元素,并识别出金属中杂质元素和痕量元素,例如钢中的氮。快速的测量、超高的可靠性和较低的运行成本意味着OE系列对于日常分析和全面质量控制而言是非常有帮助的,其性能可与更大,更昂贵的光谱仪相提并论。 在此视频中,您可以了解有关技术的更多信息。 了解更多: 查看我们全系列固定式直读光谱仪: […]
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    Members of the U.S. Congress joined family, friends of Capitol officer Brian Sicknick as they paid tribute to the fallen officer, who died after sustaining injuries in the Jan. 6 riot on the U.S. Capitol. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Sicknick was a "peacekeeper not only in duty, but in spirit." […]
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    Living through a full year of closed schools and distance learning has taken a heavy toll on students, parents, teachers and school administrators. The new stimulus bill sets aside roughly $125 billion to help K-12 schools reopen. Laura Meckler, a national education writer at The Washington Post, joins William […]
  • Cupp: Marjorie Taylor Greene is in Congress to get famous
    CNN’s SE Cupp criticizes Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s "stunts" since joining Congress, saying the Georgia Republican came to Washington, DC, to become famous rather than represent her constituents. #CNN #News Source: CNN […]
  • Pope Francis makes first-ever papal visit to Iraq amid violent threats and a deadly virus
    It was a pilgrimage never seen before, in the face of violent threats and a deadly virus. Pope Francis arrived on Friday in Baghdad for the first-ever papal visit to Iraq. Nick Schifrin reports. Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: Find more from PBS NewsHour at […]
  • NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) April 24th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News
    Johnson & Johnson vaccine back after 10 day pause, India breaks another world record for new daily Covid-19 infections, and President Biden formally labels Armenian massacre and deportation a “genocide.”Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings). » […]
  • Thailand charges protesters for insults against the monarchy | DW News
    Authorities in Thailand have revived a harsh law against criticizing the monarchy ahead of another planned rally today by students leading pro-democracy protests. For months demonstrators have been pushing demands for the resignation of the prime minister and his government, and for changes to the monarchy. Police […]
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  • WATCH LIVE: Agriculture Secretary nominee Thomas Vilsack testifies before Senate committee
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  • WATCH LIVE: What you need to know about Thanksgiving travel and COVID-19
    As COVID-19 cases across the United States boom, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have advised Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving. So, what should millions of Americans keep in mind as they consider their holiday plans? PBS NewsHour’s John Yang speaks with Dr. Ranit Mishori of Georgetown […]
  • Kylie Moore-Gilbert: Lecturer released by Iran ‘in prisoner swap’ – BBC News
    A British-Australian academic serving a 10-year sentence in Iran for espionage has been freed, with Tehran saying it was a swap for three jailed Iranians. In a statement, Kylie Moore-Gilbert thanked those who had worked for her release and said that leaving Iran was "bittersweet". Dr Moore-Gilbert, a […]
  • WATCH: Rep. Raskin reads statement alleging Trump expressed sympathy for Capitol rioters
    Lead House impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., read a statement released Friday night by Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Wash., who recounted a phone call relayed to her by Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., during which former President Donald Trump allegedly expressed sympathy for the violent mob that stormed […]
  • Louisiana lawmaker discusses viral moment: ‘There’s no good to slavery’
    Louisiana State Rep. Stephanie Hilferty (R) discussed how schools and curriculum should address difficult topics, such as slavery, after an exchange with another lawmaker on the topic went viral. #CNN #News Source: CNN […]
  • Alberta health officials update COVID-19 as Phase 2A of vaccine rollout begins | LIVE
    Alberta’s chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw will update COVID-19 in the province on Monday. Hinshaw’s update comes as Alberta rolls out Phase 2A of the province’s COVID-19 vaccination program. Phase 2A targets Albertans born between 1947 and 1956 and First Nations, Inuit and Métis born in 1971 or […]
  • Coronavirus: Ontario officials unveil plan to re-open schools | LIVE
    Ontario’s Minister of Education Stephen Lecce, joined by chief medical officer of health Dr. David Williams, will make an announcement on Wednesday regarding the province’s plan to re-open schools that remain closed amid the coronavirus pandemic. Premier Doug Ford said his cabinet is considering starting […]
  • ERCOT Faces Texas Lawmakers After Devastating Power Outages | NBC Nightly News
    At a hearing on Thursday, the CEO of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas told lawmakers that he would not have done anything differently and the rolling power outages during the severe winter storm kept Texans “from going into a blackout that we’d still be in today." » Subscribe to NBC News: […]
  • Why A Universal Flu Shot Could Help Cure Other Viruses
    Influenza infects 1 billion people each year and its genetic shape-shifting means that vaccines aren’t always effective. Scientists around the world are searching for a flu shot that will offer lasting protection and even fight strains of the virus that don’t yet exist. This research might also be crucial […]
  • India struggles to cope with record-breaking COVID-19 wave
    India is battling a devastating COVID-19 wave as the case count continues to break records, overwhelming resources including medical supplies. As foreign aid pours in from around the world, the nation has opened up vaccinations for all adults. NewsHour Weekend Digital Producer Pavni Mittal joins Hari Sreenivasan from […]
  • Impeachment trial delay
    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says he wants to give former President Donald Trump’s team more time to prepare. ABC’s Elizabeth Schulze reports. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on […]

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