COVID-19 ‘long haulers’

Researchers found that 10% of people with COVID-19 could have debilitating symptoms for weeks or months after contracting the virus.

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    In our top story: Election day in Newfoundland and Labrador has been derailed by COVID-19 with the province now at its highest alert level. Health officials have confirmed a surge in new cases is linked to the new variant that first emerged in the United Kingdom. Twelve hours before polls opened, the province’s […]
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    Alberta chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said the province continues to head in the wrong direction with its battle against COVID-19. On Tuesday, Hinshaw said she remains concerned about the direction numbers are trending in Alberta related to the virus, as Alberta Health identified 1,539 new cases of […]
  • Dr. Fauci warns of ‘surge upon surge’ of COVID-19 in U.S. in coming weeks
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  • First Nations call for inquiry into federal low-bid policy
    An organization representing 34 First Nations in Manitoba is calling for an inquiry into how the federal government reviews major infrastructure projects. A joint investigation that includes Global News has been examining how outdated policies have forced many First Nations communities to cope on their own. Krista […]
  • LIVE: Protesters storm US Capitol as Congress debates Electoral College objections | ABC News
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    The truth about grass-fed beef, explained. Be one of the first 200 people to sign up with this link and get 20% off your subscription with! In this Our Changing Climate environmental video essay, I look at the truth about grass-fed beef. Grass-fed beef, holistic grazing, and […]
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  • Coronavirus: BC health officials to provide Tuesday COVID-19 update | LIVE
    Health officials are set to provide a Tuesday update on British Columbia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The update comes a day after the province reported 1,428 cases and eight deaths over a three-day period. The province also recorded 28 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 variants of concern, for a total of […]

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