Coronavirus: Quebec imposes curfew, tightens lockdown restrictions | FULL

In his first address of the New Year, Quebec Premier François Legault on Wednesday announced a tightening of lockdown measures aimed at bringing the second wave of the novel coronavirus under control.

Under the new rules, an overnight curfew will be put in place from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., beginning on Saturday, Jan. 9 until Feb. 8.

People will not be allowed to leave their homes during those hours unless they are going to work, Legault said.

Quebec is the first province in the country to impose a curfew during the pandemic.
The province has reported more than 2,000 new infections every day since Dec. 20, and on Wednesday hospitalizations stood at 1,393 – a number not seen since late May.

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Source: Global News

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