Brazil’s overwhelmed health system close to collapsing as COVID-19 deaths set record

The situation in Brazil is grim. It set a record for deaths from COVID-19, with more than 2,000 in a single day. Brazil has now taken over from the U.S. as the country with the most daily COVID-19 cases and deaths in the world.

“We are concerned about the situation in Brazil. It provides a sober reminder of the threat of resurgence: areas hit hard by the virus in the past are still vulnerable to infection today,” Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Director Carissa Etienne said Wednesday in a briefing.

She said cases are on the rise in nearly every Brazilian state, with Amazonas state especially hard hit.

Every corner of that country is affected and the highly dangerous P.1 variant is driving the spread. As Crystal Goomansingh reports, hospitals and morgues are being pushed to the brink.


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Source: Global News

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