October 24, 2021

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Boxing Day Pandemic Update

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United States

CDC trends (Saturday, 26th December)


Official US hospitalizations





TSA, Wed 23rd 1,191,123


Past 7 days, 7 million have flown

All together, 115 million


Daily reported cases


Cases, + 202,579 = 18,441,429

Up 8.4%

Daily reported deaths

Deaths, 320, 451

Up 1.4% over past 7 days

National positivity rate, 10.9

Down 0.1 in past 7 days


Currently, 120,151 (22,607) (7,784)

Up 4.9% in past 7 days

Travel from the UK


All airlines from 28 December

CDC decision

Test negative for Covid-19 within 72 hours of departure




Cases, + 34,275 (7 day average)

South East, 6 million = 24 million, tier 4

Mainland Scotland, NI, Wales



Data based on 13,244 swab tests and 1 million reports

December 13

Cases, + 26,897

December 18

Cases, + 38,719

Increase of 44%

UK R value is 1.2

England, 1.3 (doubling roughly every 7 days)

Wales, 1.3

Scotland, 1.1

London, R = 1.4

Cases rising rapidly in the 20 – 49 old age groups

Cases in the over 60s rising rapidly in Wales

Isle of Man

Population 84,000

Cases, 374

Deaths, 25

Currently 3 cases in self-isolation

No uncontrolled community spread since 15th June

Strict border controls and isolation rules = nearly no restrictions for past 6 months

Source: Dr. John Campbell

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