Baby Real Talk: Helpful tips for new dads

Becoming a parent is one the biggest events in your life. It comes with intense emotions, lack of sleep and many many questions about where to start and what to do. Canadian dad blogger Casey Palmer has some tips for first-time dads.

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  • Meet Cdr. Kelley Jones – The Definition of Determination
    Commander Kelley Jones was raised to never give up. Growing up in Alexandria, VA, her parents inspired her to give all that she had in school and in life. So, Kelley made a plan to reach for a far-off horizon and do something bigger. Kelley joined the Navy to start her journey as a Surface Warfare Officer. She led […]
  • Greece banks on ‘Covid-free’ islands to lure visitors
    The Greek government is working to welcome tourists back with the promise of ‘Covid-free’ islands. But the revival of tourism in Mykonos, the country’s best-known party island, rests on the government’s decision to lift bans on music scenes and crowds. CNN’s Sam Kiley reports. #CNN #News […]
  • Nova Scotia premier provides update on COVID-19, blockade at border with New Brunswick | LIVE
    Nova Scotia Premier Iain Rankin is expected to provide a COVID-19 update on Thursday and will face questions about the blockade at the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick border which formed after the premier announced modified rules for travellers entering from the neighbouring province when the "Atlantic Bubble" […]

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