Ask an Alum: Making the Most Out of College

U.S. News asked alumni from universities across America to reflect on their time in school and share advice on how you can make the most out of your college experience. For more information on finding your dream school, check out the 2020 U.S. News Best Colleges rankings:

Source: U.S. News & World Report

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    Meet the Press remembers the lives lost in 2020, including the hundreds of thousands who died from Covid-19.» Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news brands that deliver compelling, […]
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    Prince William has told of how the happiest and saddest memories of his life have been spent in Scotland. In a speech to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland on Saturday, William recalled the moment he learned of his mother’s death in 1997 at the royal holiday home in Balmoral. But he added Scotland […]
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    Aerial footage courtesy of NewsNation Star quarterback Tom Brady and his Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers celebrated their championship season with a boat parade Wednesday afternoon. The parade was held on the Hillsborough River near downtown Tampa and Mayor Jane Castor had asked those attending the parade to […]
  • WATCH LIVE: Senate Appropriations Committee holds hearing on DHS 2022 budget
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    Former President Trump is lashing out at the New York attorney general’s office following the launch of a criminal probe into the Trump Organization, calling the investigation “corrupt” and “in desperate search of a crime.” NBC News’ Monica Alba explains what the probe could uncover about the Trump Organization and […]
  • Mackenzie Scott Donates 2.7 Billion To Charity, Citing Wealth Gap
    Mackenzie Scott the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos gave away $2.7 billion dollars to more than 250 different organizations, citing concerns about an increasing concentration of wealth among a few individuals.  » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: […]
  • Trump lawyer attacks Democrats during impeachment defense
    Trump lawyer David Schoen unloaded on Democrats saying they denied former President Donald Trump due process and have wanted to impeach him from day 1. He also warned senators that a vote to proceed on the second impeachment trial of the former president would set a precedent that lawmakers could be impeached at any […]
  • Former Trump defense attorney on why the impeachment trial is unconstitutional
    The Senate on Tuesday voted 56-44 that putting Donald Trump on trial is constitutional, a move refuted by the former president’s legal team. Robert Ray was a member of Trump’s defense team from his first Senate impeachment trial and an independent counsel in the Whitewater investigation into President Clinton. […]
  • Live: NBC News NOW – March 8
    NBC News NOW is live, reporting breaking news and developing stories in real time. We are on the scene, covering the most important stories of the day and taking deep dives on issues you care about. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News […]
  • Living In Colour: 2020, The Rise of Racial Awareness
    The year 2020 has been difficult. However for racialized communities, specifically Black communities, there are extra layers of difficulties associated with this past year. In this special edition of Global News’ “Living in Colour,” hosted by Farah Nasser, we take a look back at how major events of 2020, including […]
  • Inside Pfizer’s effort to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine
    A look at Pfizer’s preparations and planning to distribute its COVID-19 vaccine upon receiving emergency use approval from the FDA. Source: ABC News […]
  • Spotlight on California’s growing COVID-19 crisis
    San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer discusses California’s COVID-19 surge as hospitals become overwhelmed with cases doubling over the past week. Source: ABC News […]
  • How Canadians are feeling about the upcoming summer
    In Canada, vaccines are rolling out faster than before and becoming more accessible. Even though the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, Canadian spirits are not. A new Ipsos poll done exclusively for Global News finds 7 in 10 Canadians are anticipating another lost summer. Global’s Sharmeen Somani […]
  • Coronavirus: Canada ranks 18th on world stage for vaccine rollout
    As Canada braces for delays in receiving more Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines for COVID-19, the country is already falling behind countries like Italy and Romania when it comes to its vaccination rates. But a member of cabinet and close confidante of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hinting that two other vaccines could be […]
  • Biden pressures Netanyahu for ‘significant de-escalation’ of Gaza attacks
    The U.S. president told Israel’s long-serving leader he expected a “path to a ceasefire,” but the prime minister ignored the demand, later saying Israel was “determined to continue this operation.” Source: ABC News […]
  • So Fully Vaccinated People Don’t Need Masks Indoors. Now What?
    The CDC announced that fully vaccinated people will no longer need to wear masks indoors. NBC News’ Dr. John Torres explains the social implications going forward now that many will no longer be wearing masks. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: […]
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  • PBS NewsHour full episode, Dec. 23, 2020
    Support your local PBS station here: Correction: In the segment on President Trump’s recent pardons, the original piece omitted the credit for a photo of Rep. Steve Stockman. The credit for that photo should be Gage Skidmore. We regret the error. Wednesday on the NewsHour, President Trump […]
  • Scuffles, arrests on Tiananmen Square anniversary as Hong Kong police lock down park
    Scuffles broke out Friday as police in Hong Kong tried to prevent people from gathering to commemorate the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown of 1989, with at least one person arrested. Authorities had sealed off Victoria Park, where thousands normally gather annually, citing the coronavirus as their […]
  • What Liz Cheney’s ousting from GOP leadership and Trump’s influence means for party’s future
    Republican Rep. Liz Cheney lost her spot as House Conference Chair on Wednesday when a majority of the caucus voted to remove her from leadership as she continued to push back against former president Donald Trump’s ongoing unfounded claims about the 2020 presidential election results. Liz Cheney, the daughter […]
  • DRL Support to Workers’ Freedom of Association in Vietnam
    Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor United States Department of State  Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO):  DRL Support to Workers’ Freedom of Association in Vietnam This is the announcement of funding opportunity number SFOP0007626 Catalog of Federal […]
  • Israeli PM Netanyahu’s grip on power loosens as rival moves to unseat him
    Far-right party leader Naftali Bennett threw his crucial support on Sunday behind a "unity government" in Israel to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in what would be the end of a political era. Bennett’s decision, which he announced in a televised address, could enable opposition chief Yair […]
  • Coronavirus: Trump still pedalling doubts about election results
    U.S. President Donald Trump continues to pedal doubts about the results of the U.S. election even as Joe Biden is set to assume power in late January. Now, even senior Republicans are telling the outgoing president it is over. Jackson Proskow has more on the president’s continuing efforts to cast doubt on the […]
  • Top cybersecurity agency warns of major Microsoft hack
    If you use Microsoft Exchange for email in your workplace, which many of us do, you may have been affected by a recent cyberattack. The service was hit by a ransomware attack called “DearCry.” In an update posted to the agency’s website, the Canadian Centre for Cyper Security (CCCS) said the new family of ransomware […]
  • Trump impeachment: Opening arguments continue on day 3 of Senate trial | FULL
    WARNING: Contains language and violent content not suitable for all viewers. The House of Representatives continued with its impeachment case Thursday, which claimed former U.S. president Donald Trump incited an insurrection on the Capitol, with Trump’s lawyers set to launch their defence by week’s end. The House has […]
  • Measuring Sea Ice Thickness with ICESat-2
    This visualization depicts sea ice thickness in the Arctic Ocean as measured by ICESat-2 over the course of several months. The visualization begins with a global view of the north pole as individual tracks are drawn over time representing each time the satellite passes overhead and collects sea ice data. A closeup […]
  • Engel: Biden Sending Message To Iran With Airstrikes Against Militia Group | NBC News
    NBC News’ Richard Engel reports on the U.S. airstrikes authorized by President Biden against an Iranian-backed militia group in eastern Syria. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful […]
  • Tapper: Will there be any consequences for the politicians who incited this violence?
    CNN’s Jake Tapper reviews the violent events that have occurred throughout Trump’s presidency, saying Trump’s language and lies led to those attacks and culminated in the mob that stormed the US Capitol. Source: CNN […]
  • Brooks and Capehart on COVID relief, CPAC and President Biden’s nominees
    New York Times columnist David Brooks and Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart join Judy Woodruff to discuss the week in politics, including passing a COVID relief bill without a minimum wage increase, the prospects for President Biden’s Cabinet nominations, and the Conservative Political Action Conference. […]
  • High school girl forced to cut braids during softball game
    Officials claimed the 16-year-old girl violated rules, while the teen and her family counter that the rules are discriminatory. Source: ABC News […]
  • Live: NBC News NOW – January 13
    NBC News NOW is live, reporting breaking news and developing stories in real time. We are on the scene, covering the most important stories of the day and taking deep dives on issues you care about. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News […]
  • ‘In the Heights’ uplifts a Latino community and helps reframe Hollywood roles
    Blockbuster films delayed by the pandemic are now hitting the big screen. Among the first of the summer season is “In the Heights,” which opened Thursday in theaters and streams on HBO Max. As Jeffrey Brown reports, the modern-day musical with a Latino cast set in a Manhattan neighborhood has high ambitions of shaking […]
  • Mother of Belarusian activist held in detention speaks out
    ABC News’ Patrick Reevell reports on pressure facing Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko to release activist Roman Protasevich after his flight was forcibly grounded to detain him. ABC News Live Prime, Weekdays at 7 EST & 9 EST WATCH the ABC News Live Stream: SUBSCRIBE to ABC News: […]
  • Arizona Wildfire Destroys Structures, Evacuations Ordered
    Multiple structures have been destroyed in Bagdad, Arizona, and evacuations ordered due to the Spur Fire.» Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news brands that deliver compelling, diverse […]
  • News Wrap: Senate confirms Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary
    In our news wrap Tuesday, President Biden’s nominee for transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg easily won Senate confirmation, the White House plans to ship a million doses of coronavirus vaccines nationwide, Russia’s opposition leader is sentenced to prison, two FBI agents were killed in Florida, and the World […]
  • ‘Perseverance’ rover lands on Mars to search for signs of life
    The six-wheeled rover is the biggest, most advanced rover ever sent by NASA. The rover will collect samples in a crater on the planet for two years. Source: ABC News […]
  • Coronavirus: Hospitalizations from COVID-19 hit crisis levels in Ontario
    Ontario has had days of record COVID-19 infections and hospitals in the province are in a real crisis. On Thursday, the province reported 3,328 new cases of the novel coronavirus, the largest single-day increase to date. Provincial figures show there are 1,235 people hospitalized with the virus and 337 people in […]
  • Coronavirus: Ontario Premier Doug Ford provides more details on provincewide lockdown | LIVE
    Ontario Premier Doug Ford is expected to make an announcement Tuesday and discuss the province’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside Health Minister Christine Elliott, Education Minister Stephen Lecce and Bill Walker, Associate Minister of Energy. Ontario announced Monday that a “provincewide shutdown” will […]
  • Activists say new election laws make it harder for people to vote
    Republicans argue the laws are election security, but Democrats say they are a voter suppression tactic aimed at minority voters. The Breakdown, Weekdays at 3 PM EST on ABC News Live WATCH the ABC News Live Stream: SUBSCRIBE to ABC News: Watch More on […]
  • Family of Navy vet who died in police custody speaks out | WNT
    In December, the family of Angelo Quinto called police as he was suffering a mental health crisis. They say officers allegedly knelt on Quinto’s neck for several minutes, and he died three days later. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF ‘WORLD NEWS TONIGHT’: WATCH OTHER FULL EPISODES OF WORLD […]
  • Pence Speaks As Congress Returns After Riots | NBC News
    Vice President Mike Pence says “let’s get back to work” as Congress returns to the Capitol. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news brands that deliver compelling, diverse and engaging […]
  • Storms sweep north as millions brace for possible tornadoes l GMA
    Severe storms are heading up the East Coast following days of fierce winds and tornado sightings around the Southeast. #ABCNews #Weather #TornadoWarning Source: ABC News […]
  • What NASA hopes to learn on two new missions to Venus
    NASA is planning to venture back to Venus for the first time in more than three decades. The space agency says it will launch two missions to study the mysterious planet: one named DaVinci Plus to measure the planet’s toxic atmosphere and another named Veritas to map Venus’s surface. Eric Sorensen explains what […]
  • Dozens Of West Point Cadets Accused Of Cheating On A Math Exam | NBC Nightly News
    More than 70 West Point cadets were accused of cheating on a math exam in May while learning remotely. The U.S. Military Academy’s last known cheating scandal happened in 1976. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC News is a leading source of […]
  • Fact-Checking Trump’s Claims About His Border Wall Promises | NBC News NOW
    NBC’s Jane Timm reports on what President Trump and his administration have able to accomplish with building a border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, and how it compares to what the president had previously promised. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: […]
  • Let’s Stop HIV Together: Richard’s Story
    Richard from Philadelphia shares his insights about HIV prevention from within the house/ballroom community. Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy: This video can also be viewed at […]
  • Global National: May 22, 2021 | Manitoba premier presses Biden for COVID-19 vaccines
    In our top story: Manitoba’s premier is making a direct plea to U.S. President Joe Biden. The province is struggling with a surge of COVID-19 cases and the pandemic’s third wave has put the province’s health-care system on the brink of collapse. Premier Brian Pallister believes Biden can help by sending more vaccines. […]
  • Biden to address nation on anniversary of pandemic
    The address Thursday night comes after Congress approved his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill. ABC News’ Kenneth Moton reports. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: […]
  • NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 11th, 2021 | NBC Nightly News
    House Democrats introduce article of impeachment against President Trump, more cities opening mass Covid vaccination centers, and U.S. Secret Service expands security plan for Biden inauguration. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings). 00:00 Intro 02:02 […]
  • Mary Trump: He’s going to Texas to make a stand
    President Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, tells CNN’s Chris Cuomo that Trump is "undoubtedly" visiting Alamo, Texas, to invoke the symbolism behind the historic battle that happened there. She also says that her uncle should be removed from office for his role in the US Capitol riot. […]
  • ABC News Prime: CDC mask guidance confusion; Cheney on battle for GOP soul; Jan. 6th commission deal
    #covid19 #vaccine #Biden #ABCNews SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: GOOD MORNING AMERICA’S HOMEPAGE: Source: ABC News […]
  • Will Canada, US work together to deal with China?
    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Joe Biden met virtually Tuesday, in their first meeting since Biden took office. U.S. President Joe Biden said Canada and America will work together to secure the safe release of two Canadians — Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig — detained in China. From […]