Ask a scientist – Ecologist Julia Carabias answers your questions

For our “Ask a Scientist” video series, Julia Carabias, a Mexican ecologist and member of the scientific committee of UNEP’s Making Peace with Nature report, answers some of the most commonly asked questions on what humans must do to transform our relationship with nature.

UNEP’s “Making Peace With Nature” report provides a scientific blueprint for solving our planetary emergency. Amid a wave of investment to re-energize economies hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and with vital decisions on climate and biodiversity protection due in 2021, the blueprint lays out the roles that everyone – from governments and businesses to communities and individuals – can and must play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

0:00:13 – How many species are at risk of extinction?
0:00:51 – How can we conserve biodiversity?
0:01:32 – What can governments do to protect the environment?
0:02:44 – Is there a link between poverty and the environment?

0:00:13 – ¿Cuántas especies están en peligro de extinción?
0:00:51 – ¿Cómo podemos conservar la biodiversidad?
0:01:32 – ¿Qué pueden hacer los gobiernos para proteger el medio ambiente?
0:02:44 – ¿Hay alguna relación entre la pobreza y el medio ambiente?

Source: UN Environment Programme

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