As COVID19 surges across the US, it’s hard to describe the situation inside hospitals..

.. for healthcare providers & patients. We made this video depicting 1 day in the ER to show the painful reality & to remind us why we must remain vigilant. Please watch.

📍 Craig Spencer MD MPH @Craig_A_Spencer
NYC ER doctor | Ebola Survivor | Director of Global Health in Emergency Medicine @ColumbiaMed/@NYPhospital
| Teach Public Health @ColumbiaMSPH| @MSF_USABoD

[ there is also a version in French & Spanish, if someone wants me to load ]

* To all my frontline healthcare providers, we know our souls are tired, we know we are scared of infecting ourselves and our families, but that’s why we do what we do, and we are damn proud of our profession. Hang tight, there will be a light at the end of this long dark tunnel!

📍 Dr. Aftab Khan @khanaftab9003
MDvsCOVID-19. Past Chief of Staff@HOFRMC. attending MD@Advent Health. Winner of Physician of the Year Award@HOFRMC.#MaskUpAmerica

* As a nurse I am sobbing watching this. Nobody around me truly understands the depression I am sinking into. I haven’t eaten or had a drink during a shift in months. The dents on my face last hours after I get home. Everyone should watch this. Wear a mask. Stay home.

📍 470,974 #COVID19 * PROJECTED * deaths based on Current projection scenario by March 1, 2021
[ this number has gone up tens of thousands from my first look ]

📍 CDC report reminds you that masks work. #CDC finds that after #Kansas governor put in place a mask mandate in July 2020, rates of #COVID19 decreased 6% in 24 counties with a mask requirement & increased 100% in 81 counties that opted-out.

Source: Mask Up America

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