America is Backtesting its WW2 Fighter Planes #fighterbomber

7 Best Planes Of WW2, Ranked

These WWII planes were just the best in their fields, they also looked good while carrying out their deadly missions.

Some of the most iconic aircraft of all time was a direct result of development driven by global conflicts. Without these conflicts, the first jet fighter would not have taken to the skies, probably slowing down the inception of passenger jet aircraft in the following decades. #usmilitaryanalysis

Dated bi-plane design aircraft gave way to low mono wing designs providing higher speeds, better aerodynamics, and more efficient wing designs. There is no escaping that some aircraft like the Mustang, Spitfire, and Mosquito, despite their intended purposes, are beautiful. Ranking these iconic aircraft is no easy task, they are all the best in one area or another :

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Source: US Defense Analysis

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